The Future of Website Design


1977 introduced the first home computer. The white boxy device with a pixelated screen was the ultimate device in technology. The shape and size of these devices have changed over the years, but it truly what on the inside that counts. What was once just a mess of pixels that took over a half hour to display a simple black and green picture now shows up a hyper realistic world. We are able to send pictures of our loved ones in a blink of an eye in crystal clear HD images. Ever sense the introduction of the computer alone changed we communicate, but it’s not what we say but how we say it.

The external appearance of the computer isn’t the only thing that has changed in the past 38 years, but the images it shows us. We have created new ways of art and expression. Websites have become a way of making a virtual home. Allowing us to display ourselves, products, information, history, art, music, and videos in a light to convey how we perceive it. We have made a world within our devices. An idea that was once considered science-fiction but is now just a toy we fiddle around with to just pass the time.

With new innovative ways to manipulate light and sound, we have made website design a new form of art. New Age Rembrandt’s and 21st century Da Vinci’s pave the way in optic pleasures. It is with the creative minds these men and woman who also make it possible for the average to become the amazing with user friendly programs that allow us at home to make our imaginations a tool in expression and not just a childhood game. Without a doubt we have seen a form of evolution happen right before our eyes.


The new millennium has brought in a rush optimism for modern technology, and 15 years later we have fulfilled our hopes and dreams. A promise made by her younger selves has been fulfilled and brought to life. Though with great advancement comes greater complexities in our creations. We are no longer giving simple commands to our computers but writing a rhapsody within them; for them to take and translate to the world. Our generation will of course be outdated by the next, with our children being the ones to take our invention, just as we did to our elders, and make what we now consider science fiction an every day reality.

Until then, let us bask in our current accomplishments. Let us take in the fruits of our labors and bask in the work that dreamers have come up with and live for this brief moment as we say “this is the latest in design, the totality of today’s vision and what the best free website builder in the world has to offer.”

Because soon this will all be just another toy we used to play with as kids, and we will take these advancements and put them with the speak and spell way back in our closets of memories. Back when things were simple.